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Avoid the hassle of selling.

Get a fair offer. Now.

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Sell in a few simple steps.

1. Estimation

Start the process for an initial price indication. Enter all details about your home afterwards to get a full online estimation. We will check the result and make you a non-binding offer if you fit our selection criteria.

2. Validation

To validate the result of the estimation we will call you for some questions. An independent estimation expert will then visit your property to do a final on-site check. If you pass the validation we will make you a binding offer with the contract to sell your home to Brixel.

3. Selling

Close on your timeline and get paid within a matter of days. We handle any questions concerning the purchase contract and prepare it for the final signing in order to complete the sale.

Why sell to Brixel?

Get an instant offer online and sell your home
to Brixel.

Sell to Brixel:

  • Certainty to sell in a matter of days
  • Guaranteed minimum price
  • Independent home estimation
  • Transparent and guided process
  • Move on with your plans for the future

Traditional Home Sale:

  • Uncertainty when you will sell
  • No minimum price guarantee
  • Additional costs for an estimation
  • Intransparent and inefficient processess
  • Blocked until you sell your home

Get a fair offer. Now.

Enter the details about your property online and receive
a non-binding offer from Brixel.

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Any questions?
We are happy to answer them.